Celebrating the CHAMPION in YOU!


Being passionate about life and the advancement of all people carries with it quite a burden. Yet each day, my heart yearns for the fulfillment of knowing what we do, we do unselfishly and with EXCELLENCE. The intent of the art of writing is to eloquently paint pictures within the hearts and minds of the reader, hoping that its impact will transcend generations and live on even after the writer has laid down his pen passing from time into eternity. “We Win Because We Never Give Up” Ask yourself, WHO AM I? what is the answer? You should not be defined by the size of your possessions, your achievements, titles or matriculation’s. At the end of the day most people don’t understand that they are in fact unique and as such, give specific meaning to life. It is when we are driven by the vehicle called purpose and accompanied by a friend called passion that we are transformed from the mindset of doing to the constant state of BEING! In short , I am more than what i seem to be because i refuse to be defined by a mind that is finite. So, I choose to be what i will be as Purpose has preordained and Defined for me. Whats your opinion?